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my penstemon cuttings have grown a few small new leaves.  When should I repot them into individual pots?  And in what type of compost?  They are on an unheated window sill


  • Monty says to let the roots grow until they fill their little compartment (if in a seedlings tray) then repot. Then do the same again into a larger pot. He is my guru image

  • BiljeBilje Posts: 587
    I wouldn't pot on just yet until the days lengthen a bit more. Let the compost dry a little then carefully tip them out for a look see of the roots. If not absolutely pot bound they won't need potting on anyway. I use a run of the mill multi purpose compost.
  • I usually check to see if the roots are starting to come through the bottom of the pot and then gently shake off all the compost and separate them, pot on in multi-purpose and water from the bottom.

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