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Biten by unknown bugs



  • My sister takes vitamin B6 she says it helps to keep the mosi's away, not tried it myself but may well start.  Definately need to see a doctor as skin infections have a nasty habit of turning septic.

  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,657

    we started useing Avon oh so soft after being advised its used by the marines abroad for mozys, it is just great it works very well with biting horse fies which we get as big as horses down in Wales and they hurt and itch for days,this is the best weve used yet and cheap as in summer it goes on special offer try it we all did.


  • I had this problem this year, mine was a mosquito, I saw the blighter. Managed to kill it (revenge). but ended up with a really bad reaction (never get this type of rection abroad). Went to the doctor who says they have had several cases of this. There appears to be a new type with particularly nasty venom (not right I know, but please don't comment). I had to take antibiotics and steroids for 3 months. 

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802
    Verdun wrote (see)

    A couple of months back our area was swarming with gnats.  local pharmacies were running out of creams for it. Many reacted badly but I seem not to suffer.  But, I have noticed recently...during odd dry times in garden, swarms of the little biting blighters....image (love using the smileys on this computer!!!).....  I noticed this in two areas.  firstly at home when I had mulched  a small area with mpc and secondly when I had done the same thing at a friend's.  I think the compost was the cause.  I dont usually use mpc as a mulch preferring other materials but is this likely?

    Pretty unlikely I would have thought-it is probably something completely unrelated to the compost-you are just unlucky or being stalked-by a gnatimage

  • I have also noticed under stones and baskets huge flea s(I quess that's what they are) hoping all over the place,not nice,even in all this rain and cold they  are active.image

  • jo4eyesjo4eyes North East Derbyshire Posts: 2,053

    I use a roll on insect repellant sold by Boots. It works for me, as long as I remember to use the darn thing! Am allergic to lots of things in Avon products, usually the perfumes, so although their product does sound good, I wont be trying it.

    Good old calamine lotion applied to the bite works better for me than any sting relief type of cream.

    If possible, socks tucked into boots protects ankles, long sleeves, & no bare backs/midriffs also helps in my case. J.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 77,312

    It's the Avon perfumes that affect me most Plumstrudle, but I have found that I can use their Skin so soft range which repels mozzies effectively for me, which is great because in the past I've had to take antibiotics for badly infected bites.  The little beggars have been known to bite me through a tee shirt and cardi image

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  • Any product with citronella (hundreds of them) will deter most biting insects, I have tried the boots, long socks, bottoms tucked in, long sleves, and no bare bits and still been bitten on my legs or ankles. Now I just douse myself in repelant.

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