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  • surely there are more than shearer and myself intersted in advice on overwintering geraniums I even tried digging up and drying out storing in boxes but lost the lot to mildew. Taking cuttings seems to desicrate the plants just when in full flower-then lose them in the greenhouse??? ah well....
  • Justified making my first send at, which seems to be a wonderful forum!
  • I love verbena bonariensis but for the first time ever lost mine this winter - normally they survive out here in the Gulf Stream (southern Hebrides) so I've become rather complacent about them. I shall have to start treating them as annuals, as others do.

    Alchemilla mollis and red valerian (centranthus) are my greatest self-seeders. The alchemilla pops up everywhere from between the paving slabs to the middle of the lawns to the vegetable patch, but for the most part I just leave it where it wants to be. In summer the red valerian more or less takes over the steps up from the patio, but I can't pull it out because the butterflies and humming bird hawk moths love it so - and we love sitting watching them.

    Every April I leave some purple sprouting and kale to flower and run to seed. The area literally buzzes with bees - they love the yellow flowers - and later the seedlings pop up everywhere. It saves buying a fresh packet each year, and we now have some wonderful purple-leaved kale.
  • My best self seeding plants in my relatively new planted back garden have got to be the splendid Nicotiana Silvestris....I have planted four young plants in summer 2013 and was rewarded by the most amazing display which lasted a long time. This summer, to my surprise the beauties have gloriously popped up again, they obviously seem to enjoy the spot I dedicated to them on the first place. Stunning. My clay soil seem to be very appreciated by my everywhere selfseeding forget-me-not and foxgloves also thrives and multiply. The pretty orangey yellow faces of calendulas are popping up everywhere, so are my superbe gigantic and pest free nasturtium. But the most surprising found were the lunaria and the salomon seals, which decided to explore my garden coming from my neighbour's. Of course, this self seeding habit also applies to numerous weeds, so you can't have your cake and eat it in my case!
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