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Propagation of Fatsia Japonica and Agapanthus



  • I bought a fatsia 18 months ago and it was about 18" high.  I planted it according to instructions and it's still about the same height.  It's in the ground and over time has shed and grown new leaves.  Reading your comments I'm wondering if I should dig it up and try growing it in a pot.  Was this fatsia a reasonable size to buy?  I'm wondering whether I should dig it up and put it in a pot.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,889

    That's about the size mine was Billie - bought in late spring last year. It's about 2/3 feet height and width and it's been in a pot for the last six months as it was getting a bit wind battered where it was. I'd expect yours to be that sort of size too - they're pretty quick growing. Was it a bit pot bound when you planted it? Sometimes plants get a bit stuck if they've been in the same pot for a while and the roots need teasing out a bit. What sort of conditions is it in and what aspect? 

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  • Hi Fairygirl.  I have just dug up the fatsia and am surprised how large and healthy looking the root system is and there were also a couple of large worms in the soil.  The root system bears no relation to the lack of large leaves.  It was planted in a sheltered north facing position and open to the sky.  I'm now going to find a very large pot to put it in and I do have some John Innes No. 3 so think I will mix that with some of my own compost and start again.  Certainly no berries on mine.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,889

    Mine doesn't have any flowers/berries either Billie but it's still a bit young so I wouldn't expect it to have any yet. Perhaps keep it in the pot for now and let it get to a good size and then plant it out when it's more substantial. I give foliage plants bone meal in spring when they're in the ground and seaweed when they're in pots so perhaps try that in spring to give it a boost and see if that helps. If there's lots of other planting round it there's competition for nutrients too, and they grow best in quite fertile condition. Bit of tlc and I'm sure it'll be fine. image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • Fatsia japonica seeds need to be fresh to germinate. They need 20C for a few weeks and light, so surface sow. I find a large batch of seed results in only a few seed...mainly as I tend to forget my own advice and leave the seeds lying for weeks or longer. They grow quickly.

    They are hardy outside in most of the UK as long as they have drainage and a sheltered spot. They do better on the ground than in pots and they get bigger faster. Vine weevil grubs can really go for Fatsia's thick roots in pots. Not fun when you see a dropping plant give it a tug and the whole plant comes out sans roots.

    Flowers appear when they like and on any sized plant. I have seen them on quite small plants, perhaps a sign of stress as I would expect them not to flower until 3+ years old.

  • Monty Don's advice on Agapanthus is to restrict the roots otherwise you end up with great foliage but no flowers.It thrives in very poor soil against the house wall and is in the sun until early afternoon when the sun goes around to the side of the house.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hello, I've been reading with interest your comments about the fatsia japonica. We planted one in our garden about five or six years ago and is now quite big, probably four feet high and five to six feet wide. It has some very hardy offshoots which would make nice new plants, but what do you do with them? Just cut them off? Because they don't have any roots. The plant really needs lessening and taking cuttings (albeit big ones) would do it the world of good. Thanks for anyone's help. Mary

  • MadHatter2MadHatter2 Posts: 1

    Mary your post is almost a year old but in case your still curious, we have a lovely Fatsia Japonica which must be 20years old.  It is about 12 feet tall!!  It seems to prefer bright shade as the leaves exposed to the sun die sooner than protected leaves.  I would try taking a small offshoot with roots and plant it in very fertile soil and keep it watered.

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