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Is it too late to plant out Buddleia davidii?

I bought an 18" containerised Buddleia davidii 'Royal Red' about 5 weeks ago, intending to plant it immediately. Not for the first time, other garden jobs got in the wayimage.

As it is now almost November, would it be best to overwinter it in my cold greenhouse - I would hate to lose it. Soil is sandy loam. Thanks


  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 8,716

    I am sure you will find both answers find favour, which I suspect means that there is no right answer. If it were me, I would plant it out.

    Walk out to winter, swear I'll be there.
    Chill will wake you, high and dry
    You'll wonder why.
  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    No frosts yet the soil still warm, the root ball would be safer in the ground than in a container. You could put the container against a sheltered brick wall, the residual heat from the wall will be a frost guard and cold winds do more damage than anything else, toss a coin on it both ways will work.


  • I would plant it out now.

  • punkdoc, Palaisglide and ngcards - many thanksimage

  • I thought budlieja were really tough cookies.  I would have thought now was the ideal time to plant. If you're on a windy site I would stake the main stem to prevent it growing off at an odd angle in the spring.

    I've cut down the dark blue ones because they looked so awful after the summer (down to a bud, that is, not down to the ground|) and I have a cutting that has outgrown it's tiny pot that I really ought to put somewhere - a bit of an oddity as despite being a cutting from the dark blue one its flowers were white.

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