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Scented Jasmine Advice! BERRIES!

I bought a Jasmine plant (jasmine Polyanthum) last summer from Morrisons... I Love the smell of Jasmine... reminds me of Greece. Anyhow, i was insepcting it this morning and i found 2 x blackberries! Its growth has stunted a little and all i do is water it and i never feel i water it half as much as what i should...

my wonders are:

what shall i do with the berries - can i plant them?? if so whats the process for this

where shall i put my jasmine? shall i repot it as its growth has stunted a bit? can i put it in my front porch which is like a mini greenhouse...

ive never felt concerned about a plabt before but i really want to do the right thing with this plant as she smells amazing when flowing!


thanks image










  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    It probably needs feeding. Tip the plant out of the pot; it may be pot-bound and need re-potting. If the pot is full of roots, it may not be getting as much water as it needs.

    You can discard the berries unless you want to experiment by growing them.
  • granmagranma Posts: 1,913

    Check the roots if it's pot bound loosen some of the roots , then 're pot in a bit bigger pot. 

    The  berry might have seeds inside or one large seed which will maybe benefit from drying before planting.

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