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Electricity Pole



  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,541

    To be honest Angela with the back drop you already have of trees it all looks so beautiful, the pole really doesn't look bad at all image


  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,541

    Just had a brain wave image What about painting the pole with a white wash and buy two silver birches and plant as though they are a group of three with the trees in front if you get what I mean? I'll try find a pic to explain x


  • Hi Beaus Mum,

    That's a brilliant idea. I know you can`t see it from the road, but everytime I look out the kitchen window my eye is drawn to it.

    This forum is just so good, many answers comes from experience, which beats learning anytime.

    Pauline, its a work in progress. We are here 2 years and just finished the house, and now for the best part - the garden.

    Again many thanks

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Plant something nice and interesting the other side of the garden and you'll look at that rather than the pole.

    Beware Horse chestnut. Lovely tree, but lots of them are dying of a dread disease.
  • Horse chestnuts line a residential rd near me. Couple of yrs ago, 2 died & were cut down. This yr have seen another 2 dead in the street, & most of the others really haven't done well this year. Don't think they're the best as street trees (bit like lime trees, their sap is a problem for vehicles) as they really can't get enough water due to pavements & rds. They seem to have gotten worse since our local council has started removing paving slabs on the pavements & replacing it with tarmac. Only my point of view, but maybe one of the stressers for these wondrful trees is thirst, which leaves them susceptible to every bug & fungal infection going...or is that the local councils game?


  • Angela, people are suggesting numerous things including painting the pole. It's a criminal offence to interfere with the electricity supply, and that includes the poles, painting is included in that offence. Planting trees near the pole that may grow to interfere with the supply only leaves open the likelihood that the supply company will just cut them down. If your'e going to plant anything in front of the pole it needs to be sufficiently far away as to not interfere with the supply. 

  • Thanks Dave, how far away from the pole do you think I could plant?

  • It depends on what you plant, if it's trees then look at the spread of the tree to give you an indication as to how far from the pole you need to plant. Conifers tend to spread less than other trees, but can become problematic especially leyllandii, but they will grow very fast. Native trees are best for wildlife, , but I'd place any tree at 20 ft. You seem to have the space so a small copse of native trees will bring more benefits than conifers.

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