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Peas - Powdery Mildew?

A couple of weeks ago my peas started to get covered in what can only be powdery mildew, it's powdery and like mildew and has coated both sides of all the foliage.

The pods look a bit tatty but the peas are fine inside and it doesn't seem to be interest in any of my other veggies so I have been trying to ignore it, but I'd like to try and avoid getting it next year.

I know peas concentrate nitrogen in root nodes and in the past I have dug the roots into the soil after trimming off the foliage. From what I have read about powdery mildew the infection is very shallow on the foliage but the spores will overwinter on dead foliage. What I am trying to work out is whether or not there is a risk a spores overwintering on the roots if I dig them in- the foliage is going in the bin, as have all the infected pods so far. Or should I dig up all the roots and get rid of them too?

Not completely sure why they got infected, I was watering them quite well I thought, but I did plant the rows a bit close which made it difficult to get the watering can in and probably meant I had too many plants for a given area of soil. I'm hoping that if I space them properly next year and water even more it will help, but getting rid of the spores seems like a good idea first.


  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    My peas suffered with powdery mildew this year but fortunately I had gathered 3/4 of the crop so not all was lost. It also hit my indoor melons - but not my outside ones?

    Watering and ventilation are important, but, do not plant peas in the same spot next year as you have grown them this year or you are asking for trouble. Wherever possible use a 3 year rotation of crops.As for the spores, removing all diseased plant material is all you can do. Even if you disinfected your soil, which I don't recommend, more spores would come along on the wind next year to spoil the show. You can spray against it just before you think it is going to strike and if you don't want to use chemicals, full fat milk diluted 1 part milk to 9 parts water is said to work.

  • BoaterBoater Posts: 241

    Cheers Mel, I aiming to do rotation anyway although I don't have much space so the peas will be fairly close again next year.

    I think predicting when it will strike will be beyond me, one day all looked fine, the next it was as though it had snowed on the peas!

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    You will find that the mildew will hit around the same time each year (dependent on weather conditions.) So just go ahead and spray. It won't hurt the plant.

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