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Hello all,

I grow quite a bit but I am still learning. What can I overwinter please?

Chillies is one - But what else?

Also growing some outside too as don't want to leave the garden empty. Growing:

* Kale

* Spinach

* Swiss Chard

* Purple brocolli (variety that goes into ground now) forget name

* Rocket

* Spring Onion (White lisbon)

* Broad Beans


  • Hi image

    If we have a mild winter, the majority of your list will be ok outside, if its not mild a simple cloche is usually enough protection, on saying that, i dont know where you live! image

    If you are really bothered about leaving bare ground, you can always use green manures image
  • Thanks for reply

    I am in Essex, sometimes mild as last year, sometimes not. lol

    just hate wasting space and plus i love being in my garden - chills me out ha

  • Youre in good company here!

    You should be ok, the chard, kale, broad beans, and purple broccoli are very tough and will stand happily through most winters. The other stuff, i havent grown over winter, but would expect them to be ok too.

    Remember you need to feed your soil too, its a good idea to leave at least one bed pty to add manure or another type of mulch etc image
  • Rough dig a couple of plots and leave to let winter do its thing. Root veg can be left in the ground we always had cabbage winter and spring, sprouts taste better for a frosting, if you have a green house plenty to do inside. Still plenty to do between now and end of October when most growth stops. I always used the time to tidy up prune or cut back, clean pots and trays, put extra cover over the compost to keep it warm and working. Question, when did we find time to grow anything?


  • I might get a job lot of cow shite soon too image

    I will leave my parnips in the ground - plan is to have some for xmas day! fingers crossed.

    Yeah I keep busy even when there isn't 'set' jobs to do - just love to be out there.

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