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Dose this look ready for harvesting?

Hello everyone.

I checked on my giant pumpkins today and one of them has rotted from the bottom up, but it was sitting on a upside down plastic water butt bottom. I also have to more larger ones that look slightly more ready to be plucked, but I think that I need a second opinion. As it's the largest pumpkin I have ever grown, and I would be really gutted if it rots like the other one, What do you think?









  • It's an Atlantic giant, the one that I grew last year went a strong orange colour but that was grown in hydroponics and I pumped it with potassium. Thanks for a second opinion though. I think I will leave it a little longer.

  • I agree with Phillipa, but if thats the main stem thats gone brown, it aint gonna be getting anything more from the plant, i would lift it and put it somewhere where it can get plenty of sun and air so it can ripen as much as possible image

    Nice pumpkins! never grown that variety, may have to give it a try!image
  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Are those enormous ones really any good to eat?  I've had lots of smaller squashes which are yummy but are these a bit marrowish?

  • Hi bekki. 

    Thanks for your reply, one side of the stem has turned but the other is green. Since I've left it it seems to have got heavier but not much bigger (if that makes sense). It's got to a nice size now, I'm thinking it must be around the 70-80lb mark now! 

    Here's a pic with something to compare the size to.


     and this is the one that just started to die.image



  • Hi steve.

    I've never eaten one before so I don't really know. But they seem more juicy than the smaller ones, so I'm guessing that they don't have as much flavor as the smaller variety's. 

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