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Clematis Query

I have a 7ft gap between two honeysuckles on my fence, I would like to grow a clematis, perhaps something that keeps its leaves all winter.  Really like white and blues, not too much a fan of pinks.  I plan to put some wires up for it to grow along and also let it grow through the fence.  It is in a sunny south facing position,  Soil is poor, but will be improving it.  Anyway my question is does anyone have any suggestions of a particular type?? 

Previously grew sweet peas in the gap, but they have been disastrous for the past two years! 


  • Have a look at this link for Taylors Clematis, you can select on height, time of flowering, evergreen etc.

  • Thanks, a brilliant site, now spoiled for choice!!

  • I know, I've been looking at it a lot, I'm going to Harrogate flower show on Friday and they are going to be there. I hope they have some of the ones I like.

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    If you want to grow a clematis well you're going to havce to do a gerat deal of soil improvement as they are hungry, thirsty plants and will not thrive in poor soil.

    If you want evergreen, you're going to be limited to the cirrhosa and armandii types.  The former have foliage which is like oak leaves in shape and flowers in winter when happy.  Flowers are creamy and can be speckled with purple in varying densities.   Armandii have bigger, lighter green and glossy foliage and ceram or white flowers that are scented almond in early spring.   They are more vigorous than cirrhosa but neither type likes to be too exposed in winter.

    There are several other groups of clematis which flower any time form early spring to late summer but are not evergreen.  Colour, size and vigour will affect your choice.  You can find info about clems on this site which has no commercial connections - 






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