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I planted a new laurel hedge at the front of my house, which can r a bit windy in march this year. The plants I used were cuttings that we're taken about three years ago and are abt 2 foot high and spaced 2 feet apart. Problem is some of the leaves are turning yellow and I would like to give the hedge a boost toake it grow quicker and bushier. Anyone any suggestions?


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    Yellowing is a sign of stress and on Laurel is is normally either mineral deficiency or over or under watering or a mix (over watering causes minerals to wash away). I would add a good feed around the plant - use liquid and pellet versions. If it is getting water logged then you need to fork around the area to imporve drainage.

  • Hello John - I agree with blairs regarding mineral deficiency - possibly magnesium needed (your local garden centre can advise you) . Also check your soil type is not too chalky as the laurel will not thrive. To make it bushier, prune the leading shoots by about one third- cut them cleanly just above a leaf joint.

  • Thanks guys. What sort of feed would you recommend. I am totally baffled by the choices!
  • There are so many commercial preparations available that my advise to you would be to go to a good garden centre where you will find products - usually containing magnesium or manganese sulphate - which will say ' for yellowing of the leaves'.They will have instructions on how to use. Also, if you take one of the leaves with you a member of staff should be able to help you further. Do bear in mind though, that you may have to keep the treatment up continually throughout the lifetime of the plant and you may wish to consider an alternative - I landed up getting rid of several large laurels because they were never going to look good and were continually loosing the older leaves that they just looked unsightly. Good luck!image


  • I too have planted new laurels, I removed some previous yellowing plants and replaced them, but it's still happening image  It is a hedge I have and only part of it has gone yellow, we put in bonemeal and soil improver before planting, magnesium???

  • Linda in Switzerland (ex Brighton aging gardener)

    Such a relief to hear that my laurel hedge, which had, after 9 years now reached maturity, may only need magnesium (have been taking that myself..should have given it to the laurel.) The hedge has been losing its leaves copiously over the last 2 months and they turn yellow before dropping. The hedge now looks like a doily with all the foliage disappearing. Here in southern CH we had a very hot summer (35° most of the time) and now we have had about 2 months with almost no rainfall...

    I also find that, when new foliage starts to sprout in the spring the new leaves are fine for a while and then, every year, they get a mold and start curling at the edges. Any suggestions? What can one do during the winter months to ensure healthy growth in the spring?

  • Hi, hopefully I've found a site that can offer some advice on my Laurel hedge. I have around 90 plants that are forming a barrier between my home and a public footpath. They were planted by a professional around 18 months ago and were approximately 6' from root to tip. During this time they have been fed, and trimmed 3 times. They now stand around 8' but dont seem to be thickening out which is why I chose this plant in the first place. It seems that every day I look at them they appear different in colour, thickness, amount of foliage. They have lost quite a lot of leaves in the last 2 months which then makes them look very sparse. I also have a climbing weed that flowers at ether top in the shape of a white horn. My question is, how can I get them to thicken out and what sort of care should I apply to keep them healthy And is this weed affecting them?

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