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Bee/Butterfly friendly flowers, but space efficient. :)



  • Coreopsis Early Sunrise is a smashing one and does'nt grow too big or need staking. Mine is'nt floppy either.

    You've some great suggestions but I'd reinforce how good Cerinthe is, the bees absolutely adore it and it's a beautiful looking plant. Easy to grow from seed and once you have it you can collect the seeds every year. Mine self seeds and I overwinter them to get early flowers again for next year.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    What about some plants for caterpillars? Unless you grow some host plants you won't get butterflies etc.

    A patch of nettles is ideal.
  • not sure if it qualifies as "compact" but bees love echiums. I grow them from seed and in the second year, they send up a massive flower spike covered in tiny flowers - I have grown a variety from Plant World seeds  - snow tower or snow mountain. It promised white flowers but in fact they were more mauve. Smothered in bees. Good for the back of a sunny border, but they are tender so you have to protect them in a cold winter and make sure they have good drainage


  • I was pleased to see this post as I am forever pushing the need to Save our Bees.  I have a gardening blog and created a category of Plants for Pollinators.  Perhaps you might see something under that category.  I am constantly adding to the list as, like everyone else, I learn as I go along adding new plants to my small garden.



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