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  • I have a lemon tree which was outside and I have now brought it into the conservatory. I have noticed some leaves sticking together and when looking closely two catapillars (green) fell out and also some other bugs when you pressed them blood came out of them, not sure what these are and how to get rid of them. Any ideas please?
  • I bought a zcar plum tree on Nov26,I pruned it to get it to fit where i wanted to plant it have done wrong.
  • Familytripper,
    It sounds as if your apple had powdery mildew. A common problem on appleas, but, as you will now have seen, it won't significantly harm the tree. At this time of year I suggest you simply rake up fallen leaves to reduce the risk of any infection carry over and then, when you do your winter pruning, make sure you prune out any stems showing silvery-white deposits, as these may be overwintering mildew.
  • I've just been bought a lemon tree which already has 12 fruit growing. I did have it by my patio windows, in the kitchen which is pretty cold at this time of year, and was keeping it in a shallow tray of water as it seemed very dry when I received it. I have not fed it, and there's a possibility it is pot-bound.

    Now the leaves are drooping and curling. The label gives little info but says to water sparingly and mist daily, which I have started to do but little improvement is showing over the last three days? Any tips on care please?

    Thank you
  • i,ve got to plant a apple tree .when the best time the ground is so cold with frost,shoud i plant it anyway
  • I had bought me for Christmas a small pot Lemon Tree,( complete with 2 Lemons) Not having any experience what so ever on looking after this can you help please.
    At the same time I had a small pot Orange bush (clementine) complete with approx 12 fruit, again can you please give advise on how to look after same? thankyou in anticipation.
  • Another query I'm afraid. I'm in my second winter with my lemon tree and there's a bright yellow mould on the soil. It's probably very basic, but does anyone know what it is and if it's terminal?
  • Iwas wondering if any one else has this problem,or is it just me,but my Cordon apple tree produces plenty of flowers but no fruit last year and it's not that old.Would love any ideas,before i consider giving it the chop,as it is really pretty as a tree. (Hope this is an ok question as never used the blog before)Thanks.
  • If a tree looks healthy and flowers well but sets no fruit, I suggest first check that there is at least one suitable pollinator tree in the area, if not there will be no fruit, and remember it needs to be in flower at the same time as your other apple! But severe weather such as wet or wind can prevent pollinators from doing their stuff too !
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