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greenhouse shelves

So my new green house arrived and its nearly up image I looked on the manufacturer website and it turns out palram make shelves for their greenhouses which attach to the frames my question will I basically have to take my green house apart to use them?


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,197

    If the shelving attaches using aluminium nuts and bolts which need to be slid down the slots in the glazing bars, then technically, yes.  However, some bright spark invented cropped head bolts many years ago which can be placed in the slot and twisted to lock in place, meaning disassembly of your GH is unnecessary.  This is an example:


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  • Hi Jody: I bought and fitted GH shelving after setting up earlier this year. Wilko sell a simple shelf kit which can be slotted into the uprights (uses cropped bolts). Rather limited in placement, but I was only looking to offer a small elevated area for seedlings to get max. daylight early in the growing season. 

  • thanks guys was looking at the prices and they are a bit eye watering!! figuring that surely regular shelves with regular brackets would work just as well!!


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