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Cornus kousa Milky Way

Hi just purchased a cornus kousa milky way label says it grows to 300cmc= 10 ft. After looking on the internet it says anything from 20 to 30. Was going to plant it in the border but having second thoughts  that it needs  to be a specimen tree on it's own


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...the way mine is growing, I think 10 foot in 5  years... if left to it's own devices it's likely to reach 20 foot and just as wide as it ages...however, as you can see from my photo, I'm growing it in a border and I aim to prune it...which is tricky and not always advised for these as it can spoil their appearance...but I'm growing it multi stemmed and I cannot allow it to reach those heights and widths, while I'm still here... so my aim is to try and keep it as a large shrub... otherwise it might have to go...but I  just love these....

    ..  my variety was bought as 'Chinensis'...but 'Milky Way' is the usual clone I think...   this one was planted 3 years ago now and is about 6 foot tall... it's the first summer it's flowered for me.....






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