Carrots not germinating

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Planted carrots nantes, purple and rainbow in my sort of root bed also planted beetroot red and yellow, parsnips, spring onions chard and radish, all are up now except the three variete's of carrot parsnips have been coming up for two weeks.

I am getting a little worried about the carrots not germinating nantes are at one end of the bed then chard then parsnips then something else then rainbow carrots then couple of other things then purple carrot at other end,. so not all in the same part of the bed. nantes must of been in  4 weeks + now, purple maybe 10 days - 2 weeks less.

I have really light soil and have watered the bed when no rain.

Can anyone help or advise me ?



  • Hi, Nin....I can understand your concern, but if the soil isn't warm enough, I've known carrots to take six weeks or so to surface.

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    My first lot (in March) took ages - at least a month - but the most recent sowings (Early Nantes and Autumn King) were up in 10 days.

    Parsnips (Tender and True) however, are another story altogether.  13 out of about 100 have germinated from my first sowing.  The radish (sown at the same time) are ready to harvest but hardly a parsnip in sight.  No - it's not old seed - packed last year....image

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    Give them timeimage Bet they appear.

    Only reason I know about lack of germination is sowing too deeply.

    Steve parsnip are one veg I've struggled with, even new seed only got 30% germination & due to how long they were in the bed ( needed for other stuff) and few we eat I don't bother. Do buy from SM and slice and freeze ready for roasting. image

  • Hi, you come here often?

    Parsnips are notoriously difficult to germinate and certainly it doesn't pay to use anything other than fresh seed.

    *One trick you can use is to pre-germinate the seed in wallpaper paste, then sow the seed by piping the gel along your seed drill.

    * I would just say that I done this successfully years ago, but I'm not sure if there any detrimental chemicals in today's paste.....perhaps worth a trial for someone.


  • Being 950 feet up we had to put up tunnels to get any Fruit & veg at all.
    last year in the tunnel we planted 3 lots of carrots seeds at different times and still didn't get much success. This year carrots have grown from seed first planting no problem. But don't ask about the sweet Corn this year. Last year I had to freeze Sweet Corn because I had to much.


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    Carrots are a bit slow out of the traps here too.  Only got about five of them from a March sowing image - still that'll save having to thin them out!  Have planted some more, about a week ago, and several are up already.  Never grown parsnips before, but planted some of them too - haven't noticed anything there yet.  I am growing them under carrot-fly proof netting this year.  Normally, carrots are a dead cert here.

  • We don't get any trouble with carrot fly to high up I think. Parsnips take a lot longer to germinate.

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    Hi, you come here often?  Hi David I'm often found lurking amongst the veg. image Not sure about wallpaper pasteimage what used to happen when the paste dried?

  • My carrots have been a bit of a miss up to now. Not for lack of germination but on closer inspection they had been continuously mown of seedling leaves and left as stalks even before emerging through the soil surface. Pesky slugs have been munching undercover. 

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    Grrr!  I hate slugs!

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