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Russian Tarragon

I sowed some Russian Tarragon seeds a couple of months ago and they came up lovely. The height is about 8in now and looks just like Tarragon but tastes horrible,a bit like grass!!!!! image 

Anyone got any ideas why this is??



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 80,440

    French tarragon is the one you want in your garden to use in the kitchen - the thing is it doesn't set seed so you need to buy a plant - it's also a bit less hardy than the Russian one - nevertheless mine has come through the last two winters with only minimal protection. image

    Russian tarragon can be  used medicinally - my Russian DIL tells me that it's good for 'well-being, anxiety and stress' but can also be used in salads and for cooking - it just has more of a bitter after-taste than the French variety. She is perfectly happy to use the Russian type rather than the French - the Russians are a proud nation image

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  • Thanks again Dovefromabove for your reply. I'll look out for a French plant, I really can't see me eating any of this one, it really doesn't taste nice at all, although I may try it in one of my juices if it's good for meimage.

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