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Are there any good snails?

Had a random thought yesterday and haven't yet worked out the answer. I know some slugs are useful in the garden because they eat other slugs, or only eat rotting vegetation etc. But I was wondering are there any helpful snails out there? or do they all munch away at the lovely fresh seedlings?

Does anyone know?


  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 9,632

    Depends what you mean by useful MM..........certainly useful to Thrushes and Blackbirds.........they are part of gardening.............and natureimage

    The more things people thoughtlessly kill with constant use of chemicals ( or, dare I say it, indiscriminate use of so called environmentally friendly pests ), the more you are altering the balance of nature.

    Whilst we are all miffed when something comes along and eats our prized veg and plants, think on..........we are co habiting with all sorts of organisms and who are we to pick and choose ?

    It is up to the individual how they garden.................pretty flowers and sterile environment or try to live with what we call "pests" ?

    Not that I have answered your query as to good or bad snails...........tiny slugs are often more voracious than the big "in your face" jobs.............the prettily marked snails may make you feel more guilty about killing them than the more boringly coloured ones ?

    I suspect most of them look at your nice tender greens and just think Christmas has come earlyimage

  • Yes, I know they are useful to the birds and also many beetles so an important part of the food chain. Don't worry I don't use any chemicals and I tend to let the snails/slugs have there little munch here and there or move them if they are about to totally annihilate something. I want to create a balance, I was just interested into the diet I guess of the snails and their habits? 

  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 9,632

    MM........good for you...... sorry if I was preaching to the converted sound like a gardener in touch with natureimage

  • That's ok I probably should have phrased the question better. My boyfriend laughs because I get really excited when I find a new critter in the garden, he gets dragged around as I show him each one..image It's amazing what a tiny garden can attract.

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