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I have been reading on the forum about Garden bed's soil what to use and not what to use I am a novice gardener and my garden was built on a car park instead of the builders clearing the stones away they have put a little bit of top soil and grass on it so now I have begun to dig out my first bed I am finding loads of stones and very little soil in it my question is why cant I just put compost in my beds the same mix as what I am growing my plants in ?


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Is this gravel Wills? or larger stones?

    I suggest that you google top-soil and compost; see which is the cheapest and have quite a lot delivered. I would also add well rotted horse manure. In my raised veg bed I use the bought, spent compost from growing last year's tomatoes. I get the 125 litre bags of Verve from B&Q, as a wrinkly if I buy on a Wednesday I can use a pensioner's discount card and get 10% off.

    Hope this helpsimage

  • cloud8cloud8 Posts: 103

    I've got a similar situation. They'd have saved me time by not bothering with putting the topsoil on.  I'm digging out the massive stones and sieving the rest of the rubbish out on a wheelbarrow sized riddle with the back of a rake.  I piled the earth up initially and now backfill where I've created a hole with the earth and manure (I get 5 bags for 3 from the garden centre when it's on special offer).  At some point I will get to the end with a hole and no earth to fill it at which point I'll probably buy some topsoil and mix it with manure.  Warning: I got manure from a riding school in my previous garden and it brought a load of weeds in with it so I'm sticking with stuff from the garden centre now.  I suppose it depends on your compost - if you've made it yourself then fine, but some multipurpose stuff dries up and won't rehydrate well.  I throw compost from my pots onto the compost heap.

  • WillsWills Posts: 262

    Thanks for your replies guys Artjak the stone's I am digging out are pebble size I am using westland multi compost peat based and the seeds I am growing  are doing well in it so I will add add this and topsoil into my beds and see how it goes . cloud 8 yes I feel the same as you im digging out bags & bags of pebbles and I am left with nothing but a hole and very little soil 1 major pain in the back side .

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