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  • get out at night with a torch and pick them off your plants and enjoy crushing them.seems to do the trick.
  • Just found a Weevil crawling out of my money plant ( No wonder I'm not winning the Lotto ) is there any way of killing the little critters that are probably in the pot without using chemicals ?
  • Beware!Some areas that one wouldn't class as pots or containers, are regarded as such to a vine weevil. Small squares of cultivation in concrete, or a plant such as sedum spectabile coming up at the base of a wall beside a concrete path = heaven to a vine weevil brood as it is difficult for any bird to get it's beek in!
  • I have vine weevil in my small garden.

    This year I empted and refilled all my pots and baskets and started a new!

    I planted beans and peas in large containers and in my haste I think I have watered in the insecticide I bought to keep them off my plants!

    Please don't tell me that I can't eat my peas and beans? Can any one tell me what is the best thing to do?

    Hoping for a reply, thank you.
  • i found a vine weevil in my garden i looked it up and made sure it was before i killed it but i live on the wirral and i diddn't think they could be round here ??
  • Reply to everyone.

    Many thanks for all the comments on vine weevils. They really are everywhere. The usual treatment meted out to them is to douse the pots in a solution containing nematode worms, which then attack and kill the grubs. I don't know how well this works.

    It is a hopeless task trying to get rid of vine weevils completely. Take a look around any shrubbery and you will see the edges of leaves nibbled to as to look like the perforated edges of stamps. These are the results of the adults feeding at night. They are everywhere.
  • warning the red lily bettle is back, i have killed 16, so keep you eye,s open for them peast
  • Hi
    How long after using Provado Vine Weevil Killer 2 can you use the pots to grow edible plants in, because I treated all my pots a few months ago and would like to grow my aubergine and lettuces on them?
  • I too have found vine weevil in almost all our pots including tulip pots!I ahd to throw out all the compost & start from scratch.I am planning to put the pots standing on feet in saucers kept filled with water.I understand the beetles don't swim.I have also mixed vaseline with chilli powder & put discretely round pot rims (belt & braces !!) we have a wedding in our garden in september so I'm very determined to keep the blighters from the pots!
  • Re:vine weevil trap,some years ago on TV Alan Titchmarsh demonstrated using a sheet of corrugated cardboard app.14" square rolled up to make a loose tube, secured with an elastic band.This "trap" is placed overnight where weevils are active or might be - just pushed into the foliage.Next morning tap out each trap and dispose of dreaded weevil!Our first season of use caught in excess of 200,now usually around 30,and we have not lost a plant since using this trap. Thank you Alan Titchmarsh.
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