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Raised Beds on Paved Patios?


I currently live in a rented house and luckily my landlord has given me free reighn over the garden (on the condition that I do not dig up the lawn although he did allow me to place a GH on it when I moved in & didn't say anything when I added some borders lol).

However back to my question, I wanted to know whether any of you would recommend putting a raised bed on a paved Patio area? It's the only place I can and the only way I would be able to grow my own vegetables.
I always read about them being placed on soil or lawn but due to the fact I can't do this the only place I could really put one is on my patio area which ironically is also double the size of my lawn!

I don't want to end up buying a raised bed only for it to not be a very successful venture so thought it was best to ask you guys first!
Thanks in advance image


  • Thanks Edd, my Dad is a joiner so Il probs get him to get the materials and build it for me lol

    Do you think it'd be worth adding a liner so there is something between the soil and patio or shouldn't I bother? 

  • Thanks again Edd. Is there any particular liner you would suggest?
    Apologies for all the questions but you seem to know what you are talking about lol image

  • Builders merchants are a good source of good strong plastic sheet.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,946

    If you're putting a raised bed directly onto the paving and it's just four sides with no base, put a layer of rubble/gravel etc in the base and put some membrane over it to prevent soil/compost being washed through. It'll give excess water a chance to seep away. image

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  • Thanks everyone for all of your advice. Now I just need to price it all up! image

  • KT53KT53 South WestPosts: 7,277

    My concern would be over possible staining of the patio slabs and the reaction of the landlord if/when he discovers what you've done.

    Only you know the landlord but it might be sensible to approach him before you do this and even see if he would be amenable to a few of the slabs being lifted and stored safely.  Cost of reinstating the patio would probably fall to you when you leave.

  • lol!

    Would they be stained if I used a liner as mentioned above?
    To be honest the Patio wasn't in the cleanest of conditions when we moved in.

  • Well I have finally decided on a size. 60cmx120cmx180cm.

    I am going to have to fill it with Top Soil and try to add some compost and manure I am thinking? However when looking in my compost bin it appears nothing has rotted down yet so it looks like I'l have to buy that too!

    Can anyone recommend a quantity ratio they would use themselves? Or if you would fill it differently let me know what you would do as I am open to options image

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