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saving condensate water

I have an external pipe going from my first floor to a soak-away in the garden to get rid of the condensate from my central heating boiler.

Is it a good idea to buy a water butt and redirect this condensate water to save it for the garden?



  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    sounds a good Idea anything that saves water .


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Can think of no reason why not - but I'm no water expert - but offhand it seems a good idea. It will be particularly clean I imagine, and thus very good for seedlings which tend to damp off with the bugs that can gather in rain water if left for a while.  Keep it all covered, and I imagine you are on to a winner. 

  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 8,590

    Erica..............I can understand your desire to save supply is metered so I am always after water saving ideas tooimage

    However, I'd avoid using the condensate for the it is produced from the flue gases, it can be could be like putting vinegar on the garden.

    It is usually recommended that the condensate goes to a soakaway ( as yours does ) and not even into a grey water system.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,269

    I've not heard the suggestion about condensate water going to a soakaway before.  Very few people will have access to one.  I can see the logic, just don't see it as a practical option for most people.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Well, I have read up on a couple of sites about this, and indeed I was incorrect and answered without finding out - for which I apologise.  There seems to be a variety of opinions as to how acidic this condensate can be, some saying it is only a little bit and others saying it can be corrosive.  It seems that the overall opinion is to use the soak away and not use it in the garden - unless you find out further. 

  • yes that would be brill. If your on a water meter, a little bit of money going into pipping could save you a lot in the long term on the water bill. If your not on a meter, it is still a good thing to do. These days we have so much rain but on the days with little rain, you will be glad you got it.

  • Erica68Erica68 Posts: 54

    Thank you for all the replies. I think the idea is a no-no.

    In fact I do not have a water meter because the water board came years ago and told me I am not suitable for "meteorisation".

    I think I will plant a fern in the dark damp spot in the garden where the soakaway is and see what happens.

  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 8,590

    An excellent idea, the only question you have to worry about is....."which Fern".............that's a nice problem tho........there are so many beauties these daysimage

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