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Talkback: Baby blue tits

Hi Kate lovely storey,I have been redecorating the kitchen over the last two days only to keep finding ladybird larve all over the walls inside and out I keep picking them off with a card as not to damage them and putting them on the plant's in the garden,This must be a year for ladybird larve. Your Sid is still singing his head off up in the tree's.



  • ricardio4ricardio4 Posts: 9
    i have had about 6 baby blue tits in my garden allso some baby robins,i had the mother come down on my lawn with her young and feeding them which i thought was really nice and nice to whatch.
  • I too, would love to have blue tits visit my garden.I have all kinds of small birds feeding all the time.I once saw some in a bush next door and one time they came,and I hoped they would continue, but they never appeared again.Anyone out there have any tips on how to encourage them.Judy
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