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watering carrots that are growing in pipes

Hi everyone,

Me and nephew are having a little competition who can grow the longest carrots, i know it's not wise to do carrot in pipes but we don't have enough room for box's in our garden.

I been searching the net all weekend i cant find any information about it well for growing in pipes, do i water them from the top or button? 1x an day or every other days? i just want to grow him an long carrot so he can show his friends

any help would be great thank image x


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Pipes of most descriptions are used by championship veg growers to grow elongated veg.

    If the pipe is out of the ground it will dry out quite quickly, so burying it about a foot down is probably best, then you can water it normally I should think.

    There may be the odd competition grower on here so they may advise a different course of action, but from what I have seen on the odd bit on GW, burying them seems the norm.

  • big edbig ed Posts: 14


    Keep in mind the fact that you are trying to grow the longest of a root crop.

    By their nature they reach down deep into the soil to gain water and nutrients if you make life easy for them by fertilising and watering close to the surface they will not bother to take the journey and will simply stay where life is comfortable!

    My own garden has been fed to the extreme in the past leaving the soil jammed with nutrients which at first sounds like heaven for a gardener but there is a downside if root crops are planted they don't bother to create tap roots!

    One crop of parsnips I attempted to grow were huge with leaves waist high and three feet across!!...but when I dug them up the roots were a vast network of fine threads just below the surface like buried candyfloss!!!!

    I hope this helps I wish you well let's know how you get on.

  • thanks big ed & dave image

    I will keep you posted

  • SFordSFord Posts: 224

    We grow all our carrots in a raised bed on the allotment but last year the hubby grew some in 'cores', embedded in bins of sharp sand (bin had drainage holes and we hollowed out 'cores' in the sharp sand and refilled with growing medium and sowed the carrot seeds).  Hubby had a bet with a friend about who could grow the longest carrot.  We watered from the top regularly (especially in the dry weather) and as the carrot grew, ensured that enough water was given to reach the bottom - we were pretty successful with long and very straight carrots. 

    We used a growing mix featured in a Gardener's World segment with Joe Swift and a champion veg grower.  It appeared on the A-Z of Gardening so likely to be on YouTube if you want to have a look for it.

    BTW - Hubby won and also won 1st and 2nd at our local produce show because they were so uniform and straight and a decent size - cant remember the variety - the same one as recommended on the programme. (my allotment carrots came 3rd! - they were the Rainbow variety).

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