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Greenhouse cleaning

Can anyone advise on an annual regime that would minimise

fungal growth

i checked my dried stored dahlia tubers and they all have a white wooly fungal

 growth on them

i followed the regime of storage as seen on TV shows

but I think my cleaning regime did not eliminate spores

any advise very welcomeimage


  • Thanks

    i will use the sulphur next time

    i had wrapped them in newspaper and filled crates with them

    left them in greenhouse

    i have a problem with fungus in the greenhouse even though I washed all the glass 

    i seem to cultivate aphids and fungus over winter

    many thanksimage

  • daydaisydaydaisy Posts: 364

    I have read somewhere,( probably my last issue of Gardeners' World magazine) that it is a good idea to steam clean your greenhouse if you have a small appliance. I am going to try this.  I have used Jeyes Fluid before and this has worked very successfully for me but you have to remove all the plants from the area for a little while until the fumes have disappeared, which is inconvenient if the weather is bad.

  • image

    Will do

    great advice brumbull

  • Thanks daisy

    maybe a combination of remedies would ensure success

    i had known about jeyes fluid but never got enough time to do it safely

    steam is worth a shot easier to do as is the sulphur

    only had my greenhouse 2 years still learningimage

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