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No Ladybirds

I've been hand weeding all day and I haven't seen one single ladybird - nor any larvae.  What's happened to them all? 

I was amazed at the amount of ants there are out there.  Also the greenfly and blackfly population has expanded on last year.  Even my rhubarb spray can't cope. 

Haven't seen any lacewings either.



  • I have 7 spot Ladybirds but I have'nt had any Butterflies at all,  and the bees are few and far between.   I keep finding the Ladybirds on the ground so I do tend to stop and pick them up and put them on the nearest plant,  folk going past me must think I'm mad,  I don't care we need them.

    Have seen a few ladybirds but not many. Had a couple of butterfles flitting around today and have loads of bees.
  • I had loads during the warm spell in march, but hardly any now. Guess they didn't like the wet...
  • Still have plenty of ladybirds but not seen any larvae - probably not looking hard enough!  This year the aphids are HUGE but mostly they've not been a real problem so something's chomping them.  Very few hoverflies but plenty of bees and since spring I think I've only seen 2 butterflies image.

  • gardeningfanticgardeningfantic Posts: 1,019

    i to saw lots in the warm weather bu tnot of late.. loads of bees and ants.. not many butterflies since warm weather either..image

    lots of aphids thou.. so am out with the washing up water today and spraying the little devils..image

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    I dont remember the last time I saw a ladybird. Not in the last couple of years

  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    I caught glimpses of ladybirds quite early in the year and rescued a larvae from my bathroom floor of all places, but none recently, although the black-fly is not a problem as yet.

    I have plenty of bees in my garden, especially around the large flowering shrubs such as my Photinia davidii, they go nuts for that every year, although my parent's apple tree and their neighbour's has no apples this year, which they believe is because  there were no bees to pollinate it?

    As for butterflies, I've only seen the the odd one so far this year, but I'm hoping to see more with the later flowering shrubs and perennials. 

  • RobotRobot Posts: 137

    That's really strange.  We have loads of butterflies and the bee numbers seem down a bit.  Lots of the big black ones but fewer of the smaller brown ones (don't ask me names). 

    We also had a very hot spell after 3 weeks of snow and then a massive frost which nuked so much.  No plums, pears or cherries this year image and lots of shrubs killed off or maimed for life.  I guess the ladybirds went the same way.

    I've a large patch of nettles which I let be for the butterflies - maybe that helps.  Unfortunately, lots of cabbage whites too.  I was on my veggie plot yesterday with my bucket, weeding tool and fly swat as I had to take off the covering on the brassicas.  I even put some cabbage leaves out on the grass as a decoy but those little pests tried really hard to lay their eggs near me.  Didn't manage it though..... image

  • CranesbillCranesbill Posts: 28

    I've found the odd ladybird,and seen the odd butterfly up to yet.Also i've noticed the lack of Hoverflys,got a bit of a soft spot for these guys.

  • @wintersong, I have no apples forming here either. I thought it was probably because the blossom got blown off so quickly?
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