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Gardening programmes

I wish that more gardening programmes were put on over the winter. Gardeners 

world will only be on a few more weeks and I'm already missing Beechgrove garden.

think of all the weeks that the programmes were off air due to sports this year. I suppose I could watch Carol Kirkwood for a fourth time. What about some garden make overs to give us some ideas while we wait for spring.

I don't want to wish my time away but can't wait for spring.



  • I agree! I hate it when GW finishes for winter. I don't understand why there aren't any gardening programmes on in the winter. Can understand why GW isn't on air, but it would seem to be the ideal time to capture the gardening audience with inspirational gardening programmes.

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,189

    There's a thread like this every year....image

    Rather than gardening programmes I'd like to see programmes about gardens after all what can be said when it comes to the bit about 'Jobs in the garden you can be doing this week'?  When there's 2ft of snow covering the ground and your fingers would turn blue within mins of going outdoors.

    What would the content be - come and look at my dahlias in the basement or look how my gladioli are drying out. Lets film dormant plants image. Then there's Q's why is my compost frozen A it is minus 5 outdoors at present!

    There is life beyond the BBC...GW and Beechgrove are programmes I'll miss but look forward to watching again in the Springimage

    I'm being cynical and don't mean to be disrespectful but with freeview or Sky... search and ye will find lots of stuff about wildlife, conservation, gardens and gardening. I know the truth is hash but not a lot of gardening goes on during the winter monthsimage.

    Just a thought Heather Bells, but I like your thread title, why not have posters saying what the've watched over winter and recommend as good viewing image may even see us through to the Spring and return of GW and Beechgrove.


  • I agree heather bells, winter is the time  that we actually have the time to sit down and watch the telly. Zoomer also has a point, that 'gardening' programmes are a bit pointless, however a programme showing how gardens looked in previous seasons, what plants were used, how to design and plan gardens,. new types of plants/veg on the market, would provide information and inspiration for the coming year ahead.

  • Gardening programmes or programmes about how gardens look, could look, did look. Same thing. Didn't know that I couldn't put a thread up because it was up the year before, I'm fairly new to this forum and still finding my way around it.

    I can however navigate my way round my sky channels and do most evenings in the winter and in comparison gardening programmes, (programmes about gardening, gardens, seeds, drainage, borders, landscaping...........shall I go on), are limited. 

    dedicated channels for most everything but gardens.

    awaiting delivery of apple trees and rhubarb crowns from Suttons, i will get the ground prepared and tidy up when weather permits. Greenhouse and pots to clean. I don't agree that there isn't anything worth showing over the winter. There is lots to do in the garden over winter and some gentle encouragement helps get us out there.


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 20,020

    This is the GW magazine forum site.  If you want to influence the Beeb or ITV you have to write to their programme controllers.

    We used to get wonderful themed series such as Paradise Gardens or the Ornamental Kitchen Garden in days of yore with GH at the helm and then we had CB doing Hidden Gardens and AT's amazing How to Be a Gardener on in winter and CK's Gardening Year but the Beeb has lost the plot and the general calibre of stuff on ITV is pretty poor.

    If everyone who reads these boards sent a letter and got their friends to do the same it may go some way towards persuading the Beeb to do more in winter to fill the gap.

    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
  • i am watching all sorts of gardening programs and some home made videos  on youtube Carol, Monty,Alan,Geoff Hamilton etc. i watch on my tablet but lots of Tvs will connect to the internet now

  • Well said


  • While I find TV gardening programmes to be on the whole a bit 'decorative' rather than informative, they do make me motivated to go out and sort things and get the odd bit of inspiration.

    The garden makeover in 30 minute shows are great but usless unless you have a landscaper and £10,000 for hard landscaping and labour. Normal gardeners have to take years to get the same effect.

  • Hi all,

    Just a quick note to say there is a new gardening TV series starting on Monday 9 December, 7pm on BBC2, called the Great British Garden Revival. It runs for a week in December (Monday-Friday) and then returns for a week in January (Monday-Friday, 6-10 January, 7pm, BBC2). 

    It features Monty Don, Joe Swift, Carol Klein, Rachel de Thame, James Wong, Chris Beardshaw, Toby Buckland, Charlie Dimmock, Sarah Raven, Tom Hart Dyke, Christine Walkden, Alys Fowler, Diarmuid Gavin and Matt James. Each episode is themed around two different styles or aspects of gardening and there's footage from some beautiful gardens around the country, many of which are open to the public.  

    In the first episode, Monty is celebrating wildflowers from Pensthorpe Nature Reserve and Joe Swift is sharing his tips for front gardens from an award-winning street in Tyne and Wear.

    There's also a new TV series called Grow, Make, Eat, about allotment growing, which is currently scheduled to start early next year.

    Hopefully these will help fill the gap until Gardeners' World and The Beechgrove Garden return.  

    Catherine Mansley, features co-ordinator, Gardeners' World Magazine

  • thanks Catherine. Those sound great!

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