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Talkback: To chop or not to chop?



  • Yes, flumpf is a lovely descriptive word for gardeners but the one I like most was coined by my wife a few years ago when we had a very large flowering cherry in the front garden. At this time of the year she would say that she was waiting for the first frost when the leaves would go 'kerplop' and we would have the job of sweeping them up which was a formidable task for us 80 yr olds. Fortunately the tree has gone but thankfully my wife and I are both here.
  • James Thanks for the info. OOH if only I were old enough to know the film. However I shall look out for it.
  • I work in other peoples gardens and I never cut anything down until it looks unsightly.I like to hang on to every bit of foliage until the last moment.
    Remember to mulch to protect the crwn of some plants.

    Re Gourds.I would leave them on till foliage goes over,no point in leaving them after that.
  • I also like to hang on to every bit of foliage and you tend to know when there is no hope left.
    I live in North Midlands and still have a Daylilly out. This seems a bit late! Has anyone else noticed the same kind of thing?
  • Hi Wilde gardener I live in the north east were it took until September to get my echenacea to flower but after several hard frosts I have mimulas so lush looking and full of flower you would think it was spring the frost has had no efect on it but my hostas and day lillies have totaly died back the high winds have blown the leaves off them it is strange you have day lillies but just enjoy them.
  • commenting for 1st time ! Learner bear with me! I have mahonia in full flower is this the right time of year never owned one before?
  • Mary, that Mahonia's fine - if a tad early. Should smell good as well.
  • thanks for your comment Blackpittsgarden you are right the mahonia does smell good does it need feeding or pruning and can I take cuttings from it ?
  • Just wish I had a garden to clear out!
  • I leave everything in my garden after its finished flowering as its good to see the birds taking seeds and tidy up in the spring while birds take stems for their nests.
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