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Raspberries. To cut back or not?

I have number of raspberry canes in my garden. All of them in their first year; and all of them (I think!) are summer fruiting. Although some of the canes have produced fruit some of them haven't. The canes that haven't produced any fruit are all spine less - the canes themselves are totally smooth (not sure if this makes any difference!) do I only cut back the canes that have actually produced fruit or is it best to cut back all of the canes? Also; will all of the canes produce suckers and if so when does this generally happen? I've had a few; but not anywhere near as many as I was led to believe I'm eager to increase the number of canes I have without going to the expense of buying new ones


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 74,791

    If they're summer fruiting, then cut back the ones that have borne fruit and leave the rest - tying them in to some support to stop them thrashing around in the winter winds.  Then give them a good mulch around with well rotted farm yard manure or compost , keeping it away from touching the stalks.

    They will produce suckers, but as they're in their first year it's early days yet.

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