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hey there i recntly sent a thread on how to grow tomatoes in winter but i had to valiadate my account 



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    Can you not find your original thread Hamza?

  • can you add people

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    It's not the same as Facebook, you can see anything that anyone has posted unless you choose to ignore someone.


  • how long have you been growing for MsBeehaven

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    As long as I can remember Hamza, used to tidy my mums garden from very young as she didnt have time for it, probably about age 6-7, add 39 years to that and that's how long I've been growing things image

  • wow what things do you grow

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    I have shrubs and perennials in my garden, I've got a greenhouse that I use to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and chillis in in the summer.   I grow courgettes ouside, sometimes potatoes as well.  My favourite plants are fuchsias and roses.  The fuchsias live in the greenhouse over the winter as the frost would kill most of them if they were left out all winter.  I Gro annuals from seed during the spring and give them to friends or customers (I work as a gardener as well).

    What do you like growing. image

  • as i recently started i have grown rocket salad parsely tomatoes i have also got an acer tree i have planted hyacinth bulbs and grown mint what i like to grow best are trees even thoogh they a long time to grow and fruit i like to look after them what ever it takes image

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    Well good for you.  You'll find loads of help on here, just post a question whenever you need help with anything.  I love acers as well, I've got 3 in my front garden and 2 in the back.

  • whenever i need you ill just post a comment when are you free to read the comments

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