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Need help identifying

Nigel LongNigel Long Posts: 1

Ist post - please forgive if I'm doing this wrong. I need to identify a plant that crosses our property boundary. Overall it is about 3 metres tall, fairly straight stalks covered in tight spherical clusters of tiny white flowers, the clusters are very tight and roughly 3-4 cms in diameter. The leaves are about 1-2 cms in length, simple, entire, dark green above and below, and some have vague points to the ends. I have included a close up of a piece. Any help woud be appreciated before the neighbour cuts it down!



  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    looks like a Viburnum.  I don't think it's the snowball bush [opulus 'Sterile'] but maybe Viburnum Burkwoodii.   Have a look at that one.

  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,335

    Looks very much like one of the Viburnums, but without a close up of the leaves it is a bit hard to go any further.

  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,335


  • diggingdorisdiggingdoris Posts: 512

    Looks a bit like spiraea trilobata from the small leaves I can see. Have a look at this site.

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    yes I think you could be right it does look like that.  It's rather nice, I wonder if it's scented.

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