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HaisieHaisie Posts: 108

Could anyone tell me what is eating my dogwood this year? It's never been attacked like this before. I have looked on the pest section of this site and it looks like it is the vaburnum beatle. It's stripping the leaves, leaving them like fine lace but some leaves with holes presumably until the little munchers eat the rest of it. When I read about pest control sprays, I find it confusing as it will often say a spray that contains a certain chemical. But where do you buy these sprays from? Will a general brand do? And, if so, which brand is good? Or do you have to have a range of sprays and potions to control? I don't like using chemicals but, I suppose sometimes you have to.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,632

    If the leaves are reduced to shreds the pest has probably moved on. You never 'have to' use chemicals. The choice is yours. I reckon I have less pests because I let them all get on with life and sort each other out. You have to remember that when you kill the baddies you kill the goodies as well.

  • HaisieHaisie Posts: 108

    Oh no! I don't want to kill any goodies! Will let them get on with it then. Do you not do anything to anything bad aat all in your garden, nucutlet? What if something really terrible is eating your plants? Do you just squash em?

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Hello Haisie

    Looking at your dogwood, roughly what percentage of the leaves have been reduced to lace and what percentage is still recognisable dogwood leaves?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,632

    I don't kill anything except horsefllies and mozzies Haisie. I justify that as self defence. The rest achieve some sort of balance. But I don't grow cabbagesimage

  • HaisieHaisie Posts: 108

    Waterbutts, it's been in my garden for about 12 years and I keep it shaped into a large ball about 5ft high and wide. About 50% of its leaves have been munched in some way (holes) - just never seen that before and I am worried that more will go - but only about 20% are now lace.


    nutcutlet, I am only frightened of spiders in my house and not at all in the garden. If spiders come in then I am afraid that they are sucked up the hover. It's either that or they live here and I move out. i was bitten by a horsefly for the first time last year and I will never forget it! Nasty, devil-sent creatures.


    Thank you both for your replies image

  • HaisieHaisie Posts: 108

    Can I ask how you experienced gardeners tackle slugs, please? Some in my garden are big enough to play rugby! When I was little (my dad was an excellent gardener) we used to think it was an event and enjoyable to be trusted with pen knives and to go out in the evening and cut them in half (was in the 1970's). I don't want to do that anymore...

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Haisie, your plant is quite a good size and, although quite a lot of leaves have been eaten, I think it has enough willpower to put up with that and to survive the attack.

    Also, we are getting to the end of summer (in my case it is more like October today) and the caterpillars that have been working their mischief will soon be pupating and leaving your plant alone, at least for this year.

    As for slugs, not all slugs are "bad" slugs. Some eat other slugs. Some do sterling work on removing slime from stones. I try to leave the life in my garden alive, so I generally throw anything that likes to eat leaves onto the compost heap where it can eat as much as it likes. Same goes for snails. If I have a really prize plant that is a magnet for them I put it in a pot and ring the pot with a sticky-backed copper strip.

  • HaisieHaisie Posts: 108

    Thanks, waterbutts. I feel a bit ashamed now!image

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