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We have moved to a victorian house a couple of hundred yards from the sea, in West Sussex. We are sheltered from strong winds much of the time and it is half very sunny and part of it is shady all the time. It is very small. We would like to create a seasidy part (we have been given a Festuca Elijah Blue to start us off)  but also plants for the bees and butterfies. There is also a long courtyard where we would like to put pots. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609 exciting for you... I used to live on the south coast too but now in East Anglia...  this is a small area of my front garden.. all these would grow well on the coast too... plus others I can suggest... do you like shingle beds Andy?  I love them, and I think suitable for coastal plantings...  you can see the Festuca you have in the centre here... I think it's lovely too...

    Lavender 'Hidcote' on the left... Sedum 'Autumn Joy'.. other Sedum's... Lavender angustifolia - these grow big, just visible on the right... they get covered with bees, moths and butterflies... I strongly recommend this variety...

    other seaside plants.. Hebe's in variety... Phormium.. that's 'Alison Blackman' in shot there... yellow/brown foliage... Thuja 'golden tuffet' little round conifers do so well by the coast...  Cistus in variety... Olearia - any.... Yucca's are good if you don't mind the pointed leaves...aubrietia... Silene maritima 'Robin Whitebreast' is a favourite of mine... the sea campion flowers all summer...Iberis sempervirens...and Dianthus - many varieties.... all these are fairly small plants that fit in, sun/part shade... this border only gets sun from midday onwards.... you could even plant a rose.. that's one called 'Diamond' towards the back... flowers all summer.. no scent and thorny but I don't mind that in this location...

    personally I don't bother with Buddleias... they grow huge and I don't have the room... lots of other plants here get all the flutterers that we like to see... have a lovely time planting it up....



  • Andy25Andy25 Posts: 2

    Thank you so much. We now have the ideas to start. (When we get the old shed down an have a new one) The new one will be painted as a beach hut! We have grown lavenders in previous large gardens but never having lived so close to the sea everything is so new. We need to learn about container grown planting too. Thank you. Does anyone know the best time to cut back honeysuckle which is growing over an archway?

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    go and play somewhere else mate. we've seen your sort before 

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    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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