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cazzybcazzyb Posts: 6

Hi, I am a gardening novice, I had two lovely Wallflower plants given to me yesterday but not sure where in garden to plant them? Do they like full sun? Shade ?

Could anyone also tell me if they are a perenial plant ?

Thanks guys


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  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Wall flowers or "Cheiranthus" are "perennials" although often treated as "biennials" they will grow almost anywhere and I have tubs of them around the garden for the scent and the cheerful look of them. If they are in pots then leave them and enjoy, place in a sunny spot if ever we get any sun. you can propagate them by soft wood cuttings and bring them on for the next spring.


  • cazzybcazzyb Posts: 6

    Thanks for above Info all greatfully received, I have so many questions not sure where to begin !!

    Is there a way to put photos on here as I have couple of queries re : some house plants that I have been told I can put outside - however I dont know and certainly dont want to risk it until I know for sure.

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  • cazzybcazzyb Posts: 6

    Thanks Hollie - Hock I will try to upload some pics alongside my queries.


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