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which do i use clay or plastic . When i bought my greenhouse i was given about 70 clay pots but are these as good as plastic onesimage


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    Everyone has their own preferences. On balance, given that they're good quality, I prefer clay mainly for aesthetic reasons. They're heavier, therefore more of a chore to move, but they can also "breathe", unlike plastic, but that also means they don't retain moisture as well as plastic. Clay pots can also leach salts, leaving a build up of salts around the outside. But I still prefer them. If someone gave me 70 clay pots - of good quality - I'd think it was Christmas!

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    To a certain extent is depends on how you grow and what. Most of my plants in the greenhouse are in claypots buried in the sand plunge. The plunge only is watered and the plants get it through the clay pots which are porous.

    In the other greenhouse where the plants are stood on benches I use plastic, as that type do not lose moisture through the sides so keep the compost moister.

  • hi all thanks for your comments it seems like it up to me to sort through  them and pick out the best ones now my wife has decide to say she needs about 30 pots for her sunflowers

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