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Nettle Juice

Janey82Janey82 Posts: 1

Hi, I am new to this and was reading about various fertilisers to use on a rose bush on here and someone mentioned Nettle juice, then I lost the thread and can't find it.

Please can someone explain to me how I make Nettle Juice?? I have loads at my allotment and would love to turn them into something rather than cursing them!




  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,237

    chop up nettle stem and leaves. Do not use flowering bit or root.

    Put in a bucket and cover with water. Preferably add a lid as it will stink. Leave until stems and leaves have rotted ( 4 to 6 weeks) Strain out all solids and deposit on compost heap. Dilute the liquid until it is a weak tea colour. - about half a pint in a 2 gallon watering can. It is best to promote leaves, eg in brassicas . For roses you really want high potash so I would use comfrey tea or tomorite, or rose fertiliser.

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  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,657
    Janey 82 hi, go to then see guides and stuff, its got nettles and comfrey, if you do the dry one ( the black one) make sure you dilute to a weak tea. or it will burn the plants as the dry way makes a very strong thick feed much stronger than the 2 gallon bucket one,
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