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planting broad beans



  • I use the cell system in the Spring starting them in a slightly heated conservatory and get 100% germination also same with peas.However in October/November I sow Aquadulche Broad beans direct in my allotment (heavy wet Clay) and get approx 70% success over wintering. These then produce the earliest crops and the Spring sown ones, once planted, follow on.
  • woody3woody3 Posts: 11

    I sowed Aquadulce Claaudia direct in November and had good results, they re in flower now, last week I sowed Bunyards Exhibition directly, but covered them with a cloche, as I read they rot if they get too wet, and with the weather as it is, I m pleased I did, I hope the cloche will keep mice off (or my cats will) and I have put slug pellets down, as the slugs are rampant now everywheres so wet. I was given a second water butt yesterday, and its full this morning,

  • I always start mine off in home made paper pots and then plant the whole lot into the ground when the plants are about 4" high. I get good germination this way in a cold green house and there are no spaces in the beds when planted out.

  • woody3woody3 Posts: 11
    Thats a good idea, recycling newspapers as pots is great too. I ve recycled all sorts of things to protect my vegetabled from my cat and birds.
  • chas12chas12 Posts: 1

    as a young boy i am now much older an old gent told to soak beans and peas in parfinn oil or turps to stop rats and mice from eating them is this fact or fiction


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