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    Hiya Sam, If we had a better Summer last year I'm sure they would have flowered. I think I sowed them later in the season outside in the coldframes. I think they did take a while to germinate, they were in takeaway traysimage

    This year, I've sowed them indoors so far I have a couple up

  • Cool. I have been hacking up 2pint milk bottles cause I have discovered that when cut in half...they are the same size as 3inch potting on pots image Im very pleased as I was starting to run out lol.
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    I always cut mine down to the ground in the autumn, i grew them from seed about 3 years ago and the get better every year, growing to about 5 feet tall, last autumn i dug some up and put in pots in the cold frame to move them somewhere new this year, don't know whether they'll be ok but they've survived the winter so far so fingers crossed!

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,346

    Sounds good Jayne, I'm looking forward to seeing them this year.They nearly flowered last year, but the summer was rubbish.

    Hi Sam, I use all types of containers  to grow stuff in, takeaway trays, marg pots etc cheaper than buying the pots and seeds and plants don't care what they are growing inimage


  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,346

    Seen some growth on 2 of the Echinecias,  just popping through. Very pleasedimage. Got 4 seedlings that have germinated this year. 

    Are they bushy in habit, or does one stem have one flower head?


  • can anyone help me please, i am a new to gardening and i have several Echinecias growing throughout my garden, just want to know, do you dead head them once the the flower is fading like you do with pansies, does it encourage more blooms throughout  the summer?

    any tips will be much appreciated


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