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What to plant near fence which has large shrubs on the other side?

sabeehasabeeha Posts: 341
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Good evening!

I have a border on one side of the garden… it is on the narrow side…against a fence.  

The neighbour on the other side has one or two huge shrubs and when I’ve dug I’ve seen some thick roots on my side in places, although they may only be present in one area.

One shrub overhangs a bit so there are leaves falling.

It is north west facing; getting sunlight in the afternoons but not fully.  

The border currently has some irises planted which I don’t like (detest) as the flowers are very insignificant, and a sedum which I’m happy to keep.  

There is quite a bit of ivy, narrow stemmed, which seems to spread rather than climb!

I am looking for plants/shrubs for this border:

- small/medium sized
- needs to have winter interest as that side of the border is all dead in the winter 
- evergreen 
- flowers
- maybe height rather than only width would be a good consideration?
- love something that has red/purple leaves? Too many similar greens currently 

I would appreciate any recommendations!

Thank you


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 9,859
    Have a look at Euronymus fortunei such as Emerald Gaiety or Silver Queen, both evergreen and can be kept neat. The upright branches (once established) don't climb as such but gently lean on the fence as they grow upwards. Tough as old boots and will grow almost anywhere, including nearby shrubs/trees. 

    If you opt for the green with white variegation one, you could team it with purple heucheras which keep their leaves in winter and are also neat clump forming plants that don't 'run'. They also have dainty spires of usually pinkish flowers in the summer.
  • sabeehasabeeha Posts: 341
    @Lizzie27 thank you for your suggestions!
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