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  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 10,831
    My MIL has carers four times a day, and my Mum twice (mainly because Dad can cope the rest of the time touch wood, originally it was 4 times a day as well).
    The minimum visit time is 30 minutes, even though it's the morning and evening visits that take the most time.
    Even if they're done with MIL in say 15 minutes at lunchtime, they wouldn't leave to get an early start at the next visit. My OH asked if it was because the next person didn't want them turning up any earlier.
    The reply was no, they were scheduled to do 30 minutes and they'd stay for that length of time even if it meant sitting in the car.

    There are a lot of elderly people receiving care at home in MIL's area, you can see ones from 4 or 5 care suppliers coming and going all day long. 
    I have to say that l admire the work that they do, l couldn't do it. The ones to look after Mum have to also contend with her dementia which makes her extremely aggressive with them.
  • ErgatesErgates Devon, east of ExeterPosts: 1,973
    We had carers for my mother who went out after one visit, sat in their car, then wanted to come back in to do the next ‘visit’. Others had to phone in to the office on arrival and on departure. A horrid job, and badly paid, but also badly organised and often badly done. We had to supervise visits as often the carers didn’t know how to do what was required, like safe turning. In the end, we cancelled the care package and muddled through, although it put a terrible strain on my sister, who was doing most of the work. However, she said it was a relief when she didn’t have to deal with the carers, despite the other challenges. Without family support, it must be a complete nightmare.
  • UffUff SW Scotland but born in DerbyshirePosts: 2,882
    It used to be like that in the 80' & 90's @Posy. I worked for Social Services as a social care worker for many years. Parts of my job were assessing for aids & adaptations and working with other agencies to provide care for elderly and physically handicapped people to help them stay as independent as possible in their own home. It worked very well indeed. Things changed as things do, cuts were made, staff cut back and things started to go awry. Thank God I left when I did as would have hated to see that happen. 
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