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Flies and plants

I know this is a strange question but I would love to know if it's true or not.  Outside of my back door I have large pots full of pansies and geraniums and a large honeysuckle climbing up the wall as well as pots of herbs - rosemary, common thyme, orange thyme, chives, lemon balm and oregano - as well as several large strawberry plants full of strawberry plants.  We also have a problem with flies - not the little ones, the large black ones that invade the home given a chance.  Is there any connection with the plants outside the door or is it a coincidence as I didn't have any plants there (apart from my ancient honeysuckle) last year and we didn't have anywhere near as many flies.  Or, is it just a bumper year for the flying menaces?

Thank you.


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,695
    Ion’t think that there’s a link between your plants and the flies.  Large blow flies or bluebottles live on dead animals and the excrement of living animals. They are also attracted to food waste such as meat and bones.

    Has anything changed near your back door lately?  A new dustbin with a poorly fitting lid? Cat litter? A new neighbour with not very good refuse collection habits?
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  • Native58Native58 Posts: 45
    Nope - nothings changed.  Our nearest neighbour is about half a mile up the hill.  No dustbin, etc., everything goes into wheelie bins here and we're really careful to keep them shut or the jackdaws & seagulls or weasels and otters might rip bags open or get the lid off of a conventional dustbin.  No foxes here!

    I did tell my other half that there was no connection, but he decided it was the plants!  

    Thank you very much for your help - I think I was right that it's a consequence of living next door to fields of sheep and by the sea (the flies apparently congregate on the sea weed after a storm which we had last week, so this is probably the reason).


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