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red australis

colin 3colin 3 Posts: 1

i grew a red australis cordyline a few years ago ,choped it down ,a couple of years later i noticed what appeared to be a new shoot  as the years went ,it stated getting bigger and bigger  i have now got a green hybrid 4 foot tall ,i was wondering if red australis normally give off seeds or shoots


  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    My huge green cordyline 12' high became sickly 5 yrs ago as did a lot in this area. OH cut it back to base, when I wasn't supervising.image Many locally recoverd and grew from lower parts of trunks as it was the top foliage that died off. At time we thought disease / very bad winter.

    Happy to report it has grown again from virtually nothing and is now 2' high.

    Maybe yours has reverted to bog standard root stock and survived.

    I had a variagated Yucca that also seemed to have died and now years later has thrown up a few shoots which I have potted on and are now growing well.

    Hope you like the basic one, it seems determind to surviveimage

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