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Woody lavender

2pp6vq9jsmNPslqfJu2pp6vq9jsmNPslqfJu Dalwood, DevonPosts: 5
I had a lovely large potted lavender which was doing well until last year when it turned very woody, we cut back the foliage and seed heads in October thinking this was correct. However, we’ve still got no new growth & it looks totally woody & dead! I’ve checked the perimeter stems and a few have just snapped as dead plant but the majority were still green within so I assume that would mean there’s still hope to save it! It’s in compost only and hasn’t been repotted for 3yrs.. eeks! I also think the site is an issue as it’s below a hanging basket and so gets much more water than it needs.. will be moving it if it’s still possible to save it. It has full sun all day long.
Any suggestions on how to save it?


  • PlantmindedPlantminded WirralPosts: 1,116
    edited 15 April
    Try repotting it in a mixture of 50/50 multipurpose compost/horticultural grit and move it away from your hanging basket.  Also make sure that the pot is raised on pot feet or similar to ensure good drainage.  They do not like wet roots.  If you can see green tissue when you scratch the stems with your fingernail, there is still hope.  However, lavenders are quite short lived and once they get very woody and do not flower well, it's time for a new plant.  I have free draining sandy soil here but tend to replace my lavenders every three years or so.  Good luck!
  • 2pp6vq9jsmNPslqfJu2pp6vq9jsmNPslqfJu Dalwood, DevonPosts: 5
    @Plantminded thank you so much! I will try repotting as you say & if no luck it’ll have to be a new buy! I had absolutely no idea they needed replacing so often  :open_mouth:
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