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I have overgrown holly tree in corner of garden tight up against two neighbouring fences and high bushes on other sides  I have managed to get the branches down by sawing through with rope tied to them so I can catch them before they fall and saw them into smaller sections before lowering them to ground.

But the trunk needs sawing through in small sections in a similar way, about 50cm, until I can stand on the ground, but I need a good handsaw as I can only position ladder on one side and saw from that.

Its a tight spot and I can only work with one hand  so a sharp light saw to cut through trunk up to 15cm of 20cm would be best. I can then pull it with rope and break it without it dropping as with the branches.

Any recommendations ?  


  • FireFire LondonPosts: 14,807
    Do you need to take out the whole tree?
  • UnionworkerukUnionworkeruk Posts: 143
    Yes I have cut the branches off Just left with the truck and root. I need to cut the trunk in sections because of lack of space to manouvre so smallish sharp saw to cut approx 20-25cm of 30cm truck as I want to leave it still attached after pulling in the direction I want  with rope and  prepare to catch it when final cut is made as I have done with branches. Existing saws OK for branches but not truck
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 10,051
    Have you managed to work something out yet ? I came across this whilst looking for something else.
    Maybe a photo might help  :)
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