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Delphinium dividing, too late ?

muckyhandsmikemuckyhandsmike GlosPosts: 110
I have had this delphinium in a pot for probably 15 years or so. It flowers 3 times a season but would probably benefit from dividing as it’s not the largest pot really. Am I too late to do this ? I’m hoping to plant one part of it in the garden and the rest in a larger pot possibly ...
suggestions/ideas welcome !


  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze South NottsPosts: 1,635
     The new growth is soft and easy to damage so now would be ideal before it gets going.
  • muckyhandsmikemuckyhandsmike GlosPosts: 110

  • muckyhandsmikemuckyhandsmike GlosPosts: 110
    I forgot to add the photo (it’s what I do !) .. maybe too much growth already to divide ?
  • GardenerSuzeGardenerSuze South NottsPosts: 1,635
    @muckyhandsmike See what you mean they are well advanced. Personally I would go ahead as suggested and stake them well. Whatever you decide you will need to be careful.  When they are taken out of the pot you may be able to tease one out easily for the garden. You may find that with fresh compost and one less plant you could reuse the same pot?
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