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New lawn

Looking for advice. I'm in a new build house and the lawn turf was put down end of October. A neighbour has suggested we should invest in a roller and roller the lawns. I've looked this up and majority say don't roller lawns. Do you thing hollering a new lawn is the wrong action? When we walk on the lawn it feels spongy and if it needs levelling.
Any advice appreciated on what steps to take to help the lawn.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,952
    Unfortunately, most new build lawns are like that due to the poor prep they get - if they get any at all. They often have a lot of rubbish and/or rubble underneath.
    You'd be better waiting until it's properly established [it's only been there a few months] and then seeing how it's doing. It may well need additional soil etc to level out areas, but at this time of year, you'd probably do more harm than good being on it unnecessarily
    Rollers aren't used much nowadays in domestic gardens, because they just compact the soil too much, which isn't good for healthy grass, and often cause more problems than they solve. Probably ok on very light sandy soil, but a nightmare on clay. 
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  • MousiemouseMousiemouse Posts: 5
    Thanks! You're right, hardly any prep. I don't think our soil is free draining and being Yorkshire it is very wet this winter. I was worrying about the laid turf not connecting properly to the soil underneath but maybe walking on it in the spring will help if that's the case? I'm a novice so will need to read up on lawn care!
  • gunndabadgunndabad Posts: 26
    Top dressing is a better bet for levelling. Rolling will cause more problems than it solves. 
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,952
    I was also wondering if the lawn is mossy. That's springy and spongy, especially at this time of year if the site's shady at all. 
    Difficult [almost impossible] to tell exactly what the problem is without being there to see it though  :)
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  • Thanks for that link....looks like something we can consider if needs be. We are going to see how it goes over the next few months.
    One other thing we've discovered is that the front garden is basically soil for about a foot and then absolutely solid! Must be hardcore or something. We just can't get through it. So now I'm having to think what an earth we can plant!
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