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Tree or Thuja

timchilds_79timchilds_79 Cambridgeshire Posts: 2
I have a new build property with heavy clay soil in Cambridgeshire. The width of the rear section of the fenced garden is 10 metres. I am looking to either plant a row of Thuja parallel to the fence or some trees to grow above the fence for privacy. My question is do I stear clear of thuja and go with trees and if I go with trees what should I be looking for? I think the trees would need to be relatively narrow spreading. I'm not looking for pleached trees. 



  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,650
    Can you attach a photo @timchilds_79  We regularly get asked about this type of thing. Generally speaking it's not ideal to plant any trees near a fence. Fences restrict the amount of rain that reaches the soil, and roots/branches of trees can disturb fences. The trees and their roots can also be a problem for your neighbours, depending on what species you plant, and the proximity to the fence.

    Perhaps when we have a photo, members can give you some suggestions. Knowing the height of your fence, and what height you want the trees to be would also be useful.
  • PlantmindedPlantminded WirralPosts: 1,110
    If you want an evergreen screen, Thuja plicata will work well in that situation.  Many people dislike conifers because of the notorious Leylandii, but Thuja is controllable, easy to maintain and can form an attractive, dense hedge quite quickly. The foliage has an attractive scent and it is a cheerful fresh green.  Buy the largest plants that your budget will allow to get off to a good start.  
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 9,960
    I agree with @Plantminded if you want to go along the conifer route l can personally vouch for thuja.
    We have a hedge that was planted nearly 33 years ago along a fence and it is still going strong.
    The main thing is making sure you prepare the ground well before planting.
  • timchilds_79timchilds_79 Cambridgeshire Posts: 2
    Many thanks everyone for your suggestions. Once I have a moment to take some photos I'll upload. In terms of fencing it's the standard 6ft feather edge panels. I'll do some reading up on soil prep etc. Cheers.
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