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We are having quite a mild winter at the moment, I have a number of small shrubs in pots, could I plant them now or is that risky?


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,963
    You can plant anything potted unless the ground is unsuitable - ie waterlogged or frozen.  :)
    If you have frost forecast, and your soil is in good condition, you can still plant, but go easy with the watering in. If the ground is moist, you can even not bother with that for a few days, until the frost passes. I rarely water in anything that I plant in winter because the ground is damp all the time  :)
    A mulch afterwards is useful too - as that will give protection from any forthcoming frost, and also helps with weed prevention if it's mild and they're growing. We're having that problem here because of the lack of winter. 
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  • thanks a lot, we are starting a community garden nearby, and I have a number of plants I didn't have room for in our garden so thought they might make a start in our project. 
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