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Areca Palm problems


I've recently been given an areca palm 3 weeks ago and it seems to be getting worst everyday. I've watered the plant about once a week and misting the leaves daily/ two days. It gets sunshine too in the room. I have noticed white stuff has developed on one of the stalks and the stalk is drooping a lot. Some black spots have appeared on some of the leaves (photos attached).

Could anyone tell me what the white stuff are at the root of the stalk? How can I fix it?
What the black spots on the leaves could mean and how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.


  • thevictorianthevictorian Posts: 465
    Hi, the white stuff is mold by the looks of things. It was likely caused by being to wet at some point. The brown papery coverings around the stems quite often get these types of problems and you can just remove them leaving more airflow around the stem.
    The black spots on the leaves could be sooty mold but is probably just die off from being a bit cold. I notice you said it's new and often these are shipped on trolleys in unheated lorries with cold conditions that don't help, or they are stored in less than ideal conditions in the shop (diy shops treat their plants pretty rough). I would give the leaves a bit of a wipe and if it's mold that should help but just leaving it to recover is the best thing to do as shipping stress can take a while to mend.
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